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Change for a dollar is an outreach program where we collect one dollar and use it to change someone's life during the following month.  The goal is to help individuals in our local community that are not part of our church.  We want to bless people, so be looking for people that might need help.

1.  Spot a need. 
      We want to bless people, so be looking and listening for people you meet that might need help.
2.  Submit a request. 
      Submit online using this form or contact the Financial Need Team. 
      If you want to upload some photos, send them here.
3.  Deliver help. 
      In most cases it will be best if you deliver the help with a simple explanation that "the people at my church just wanted
      to bless you,"

4.  Tell the story. 
      After you deliver the gift, tell us how it went.  Email with your story and it will be put on the website, church bulletin, or told live. (If anonymity is essential, please request it)