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Shawn Otto9/16/2019
A Story of Hell
Luke 16:19-31

Shawn Otto9/8/2019
Come and See
John 1:43-51

Pastor Shawn Otto9/1/2019
Your Sins Are Forgiven
Luke 5:17-26

Pastor Shawn Otto8/25/2019
Follow Me
Matthew 4:18-22

Pastor Shawn Otto8/18/2019
Righteous Suffering
Job 1-2; John 15:17-25

Pastor Shawn Otto8/11/2019
Innocent Suffering
Various Passages

Pastor Shawn Otto8/4/2019
Deserved Suffering
Various Passages

Don Fry, Pine Creek Chapel7/28/2019
The "Two Year Old" Prophet
Jonah 1

Pastor Shawn Otto7/21/2019
God's Purposes in Suffering
Various Passages

Pastor Shawn Otto7/14/2019
God's Sovereignty in Suffering
Various Passages