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Costa Rica Work Team
Thursday, Feb. 11, Upala
The roof is on and we started the concrete floor. We hope to finish the floor tomorrow and do as much siding as we have material for. God is good and all is well.
Posted By: Scott2/11/2010 9:40:32 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
Wednesday, Feb. 10
In case you need to get in touch with someone in Costa Rica, here is the new number that you can leave a text message on.


Pic 1: Costa Rica
Pic 2: Teñideros
Pic 3: Upala
Posted By: Scott2/10/2010 7:18:07 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
Finished the block today and set one wall. Tomorrow we will frame the rest. It was very hot today. Pray for the team and for safety and protection.

Pic 1: Iglesia de Upala
Posted By: Scott2/10/2010 7:13:37 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
Tuesday, Feb. 9th, Upala
We had a good first day of work. Poured the footing and laid some of the block. Showers will feel good. It was cloudy but hot.

Pic 1: Beach view of Costa Rica
Pic 2: Rio Celeste-Cerca del Volcan Tenorio
Pic 3: Lugar donde se ti
Posted By: Scott2/10/2010 7:20:57 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
Monday, Feb. 8th
We are looking forward to mixing cement and laying blocks on Monday. Sunday was good. The food has been good and lots of it.

Picture #1 is a Costa Rican volcano
Picture #2 is Coffee plantation, Irazu volcano, Costa Rica.
Picture #3 is a typical Costa Rican beach.
Posted By: Scott2/9/2010 12:40:28 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
Saturday, Feb. 6th Río Segundo, Costa Rica
We made it safely to Costa Rica. Continue to pray for us.

Picture #1 is the Airport Control Tower
Picture #2 is the Costa Rica Flag
Picture #3 is typical Costa Rican food.
Posted By: Scott2/9/2010 12:42:46 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
Updates from Scott Kauffman
Travel journal (which is on the top menu bar)
View a friend’s Travel Journal (at the bottom of the page)
16174315324 (the cell #)
Friend’s name - Scott.Kauffman (Note: must have the . between the names)
FEPOTA (password)
Under "View Journal" click on MESSAGES to view what I sent or you can Send a Message

Updates will be reposted here as well.
Posted By: MT2/5/2010 12:29:58 PM

Costa Rica Work Team
2/6 7:15 am Leave Tampa
11:45 am Arrive in San Jose

2/14 8:15 am Leave San Jose
2:45 pm Arrive in Tampa
Posted By: MT2/5/2010 12:17:03 PM